Keen to share the success of our Power Women in London events and Dreamtek’s vision of supporting the advancement of women in business, we took Power Women across the pond to New York!

    Joined by a group of top women business leaders in the city we enjoyed a really well received evening networking and discussing how to build a culture within the workplace that makes women feel empowered, trusted and heard. Hosts for the night were Vicky, our CEO and Sylvie Harton from West Digital Media, they shared their own thoughts on the subject, creating a personable and relaxed atmosphere.


    Vicky and Sylvie guided a discussion around some really interesting points that drove a great deal of participation from the audience, including attendees from top organisations in the US. We got stuck into discussing why are there so few women leaders in business and what happens when they get to a certain level within an organisation.

    Our speakers, Usha Pillai, PhD, Senior Consultant at Leading Women and Debra A. Abbott-Walker, LUTCF, LTCP, a Vice President with AXA Advisors LLC joined Vicky and Sylvie for an enlightening panel discussion. Usha and Debra shared some of their own experiences, including their personal work progression and how creating a culture to support the success of women is approached in their organisations and the initiatives they run to support women in business.

    Both highly successful in their personal work achievements, Usha and Debra shared how they have got to their current positions and how they have developed their own ‘business’ identity. They are both involved in initiatives to nurture and develop women in business, Debra is highly focused on the women’s market and has served as past President of Fairfield/New Haven Chapter of Women in Insurance and Financial Services.  She is active in participating in community events, networking with community leaders and maintains relationships with college career centres and professors to recruit top talent.  Usha is a Senior Consultant for Leading Women, an organisation that advises on how to close the leadership gender gap around the world, supporting women to make that move to a leadership position.

     Our New York Power Women event was another inspiring and hugely successful event, we heard what our audience thought about creating a more inspiring culture for women in the workplace and we came away with a fresh view on how we can drive a culture that celebrates the successes and achievements of women in business, without compromising our true personal identity.  We’d like to thank the City Winery for hosting us for the evening, it really was a fantastic venue. We look forward to taking our Power Women event around the world to inspire amazing women and celebrate their achievements in business!

    The advancement of women in business is a theme supported by everyone at Dreamtek and we hope to work together with the attendees of the meeting to support each other as we strive to drive Power Women forward. We can’t wait for our fourth event…

    Registration for this event is now closed.